London exhibition highlights

I always love promotional things. Creating and designing things became a passion. For this exhibition I’ve planned to do some kind of visual impact. I had a good picture of the Westminster bridge and I thought it had enough power itself to be part of a promotional poster so we did, we made it up a little bit with a simple technique and it went so well. It has been so well received by the people and I’m so proud with the end result.
A nice picture of a typical London building. It was taken at Bedford Square an elegant place surrounded with similar houses. It is located near Russell Square, the place where I did my Teacher training so I used to walk around daily on my way to my English School.

This is one of several shots taken at London’s Primrose Hill. A nice place opposite Regent’s Park where I used to take long walks on sunny Sundays. I always remember this freezing sunny day in particular. It was late November and we were bellow zero but extremely sunny at the same time. Good combination to have a chance to photograph good pictures. I always like this strong light condition. Also the black and white gives a great contrast and that’s what I did, very well exposed.

  The next is the typical London Mews. The mews are the old stables where the horses sheltered. This is a nice picture near Baker Street in a quiet place called Montagu Square.
  This is the lake called the Serpentine which divides Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It was taken on the main bridge which goes from one side to another. There’s nothing interesting with this apart of the soft Nikon yellow filter I used in order to have more contrast between the water, the trees and the sky.

  Great shot this one. The interesting thing about this is that I was just playing with the camera. I took off the prism of my Nikon F2 and I was looking through the focusing screen. I wanted to finish the roll of film so I was taking random pictures just for fun. I didn’t think about it until later on when I came back home and I chose the pictures for this exhibition. The man who helped me to have this pictures developed told me that this was a great picture to exhibit. So that’s what I did. It’s always interesting to have a second opinion about your own pictures apart from yourself. So here it is, one of the great photos of this collection.

My favourite shot that is taken during the same day as a previous one. I will always remember the weather conditions on this particular day, extremely cold but sunny. The typical strong London light suitable of taking pictures like this. I was going down the Primrose Hill and suddenly I noticed these five trees on one side of the way and I thought that it would be a nice picture if I'd take it from the other side. So I did, I went down across and took it. My fingers were freezing so I couldn’t focused properly but it worked. One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken…!

Primrose Hill again but this time I took it on a warm April day. It was a great spring day and I was eating my launch lying on the grass. I was so pleased with the weather and everything so I took some shots just to immortalize the moment. Although it was a nice picture on the contact sheet I don’t like the end result. It doesn’t have the power as the previous shot. Anyway it was a memorable day!

I absolutely love the London houses. There are many different sized houses, this is probably the smallest one I’ve ever seen in London. Hampstead Heath is such a wonderful place full of amazing detached houses.

This is the most shocking picture of the exhibition another incredible garden full of aristocratic graves. Some of them have more than three hundred years. A little garden this time but extremely beautiful. Once again the black and white gives a dramatic scene, pretty good picture.

Technical Data: 
Nikon F2 with 24mm (2.8), 50mm (2)
Kodak tri-x exposed at 400 asa
Ilford Hp5 exposed at 400 asa
London, Atumn/Winter 2010/2011

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