The London Unseen

  Although I felt extremely happy with my London exhibition there were some missing pictures. Basically it lacked of night, indoor and people photographs. First I wanted to re-create the picture that has given me a powerful image to my exhibition.To be honest I didn’t take the original picture thinking in a cover photograph for the exhibition but that’s how it goes. Also, believe it or not, it wasn’t intended as a typical copy of the Westminster Bridge picture. It was later on when I realized I had taken an image that has been pictured millions of times. So I took it again using the same 50mm and here’s the night version.

 I didn’t travel by the London underground much. It was just at the very beginning that I’d travelled by the underground but I got tired of it really quickly. It is an important thing not only for the Londoners but people all over the world. Also it gets 150 years recently and I realized I didn’t take a simple picture so it gives me a good excuse to include this.
It’s not always late!

Another important thing that I didn’t photograph much when I was living in London was people. There was only one picture showing a person into an English pub. It was taken and used accidentally but it became one of the greatest pictures of the exhibition.
This project gives me an opportunity to include another one and here it is.

 Winter is really hard in England. I had suffered this season so much but on the other hand it’s a good chance to take wonderful pictures. Sadly I didn’t portrayed the city during snow periods but this time I was so lucky and I caught a snowing day. Also I wanted to pay tribute to my favourite London place; Primrose Hill. A lovely small hill just opposite Regent’s Park and London Zoo. I really enjoyed the peaceful of this place.

...finally I'd like to add the 60X40 London exhibition promotional picture which was given to my beautiful lodger Jeffrey Turner and it's framed on the wall of 'St. John's Wood Collectibles' shop at Violet Hill. Now the circle has been closed.

Technical data:
Nikon D700 with 50mm (2) 
London, February 2013


Sitges Carnaval

Frame nº 7 (chosen image)
Frame nº 11 

Original 6X6 contact sheet
Technical data:
Hasselblad 500c/m with Sonnar 150mm (4)
Pel.lícula 6X6, Ilford HP5 400asa.
Paper Ilford FB warm ik. Revelat amb multigrau Ilford.
Diumenge de Carnaval, 22 de febrer 2009